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Thank you for clicking on this site. Our sound from this studio is so distinctive, owing to a little secret we have discovered. If you want to be different from the millions of recordings out there, contact us.


We are not only a recording studio, but we mix, master, press Cds, CD-id cards, DVDs, Vinyls7-10-12inch, Blu-ray disc 25GB & 50GB. Graphics, inlay & cover, booklets, layout & design.


We are specialists in recording any form of African Music because of our african roots.

We are also multi-lingual, which makes communication easy.


Ceci est notre émotion très forte en plus d'être notre métier, n'hésitez pas à nous demander conseil pour vos configurations..

Die Gema

We have the possibility for all artists to use our LC code, to register their music, even if the recording

was not recorded in our studio

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We also offer the possibility for the tracks to be uploaded on I-Tunes music store, guaranteeing your



To release a video on MTV europe is no problem, as long as the quality is good, the time corresponds

with the regulations of MTV and the necessary fonds are present. You can pay us a visit to see for



All you need to do is just call!


Tél: +49(0)174 664 6817


Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten


Privilegiates upcoming Artists and patrimonial leading figures from Africa From the Maghreb to Souther Africa , from the Gulf of Guinea to the islands of the Indian Ocean , the music of the African continent makes up an always - changing patchwork of Sounds colours and rhythms.It can be acoustic or electric , more or less rooted in the tradition, it can be dance compelling or trance enticing , it can be meditative , leading to contemplation , it is always of incredible richness .This first collection by Discafrica ist full part of the creative offervescence

Efo Beto -

I feel so good tonight

Efo Beto - La Réalité

Efo Beto - The Promise


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