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Photos are one thing but personally being here is another thing. After you've given me a call, we'll meet and i'll show you around. We can then talk about the project that you want to realize. Things can be easier than you think, when experience is  at your service. I am not only the recording engineer but also play bass, keyboard, acoustic & electric guitar. I also have many talented artists at my disposal. Other instruments like saxaphone, trumpet, strings that can be played live. There are lead vocalists, many background vocalists and rappers waiting to add flavour to

your compositions. As i mentioned before, we are specialists in African music, featuring the styles of the different countries in africa.


ALL YOU NEED IS JUST CALL. +49(0)174 66 46 817.



Yawovi Agbagli



Ceo - Efo Beto (Basile)



47051 Duisburg


Tél: +49(0)174 664 6817

E Mail: info[at]efo-beto.de




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