Welcome to Sound Rêve Studio Ceo - Efo Beto (Basile).


Thank you for clicking on this site. Our sound from this studio is so distinctive, owing to a little secret

we have discovered. If you want to be different from the millions of recordings out there, contact us.


We are not only a recording studio, but we mix, master, press Cds, CD-id cards, DVDs, Vinyls7-10-12inch, Blu-ray disc 25GB & 50GB. Graphics, inlay & cover, booklets, layout & design.

We are specialists in recording any form of African Music because of our african roots.

We are also multi-lingual, which makes communication easy.


Ceci est notre émotion très forte en plus d'être notre métier, n'hésitez pas à nous demander conseil pour

vos configurations..

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