Please send us your mixes and masters, well secured, to our postal address. We could download it, but one

    never knows with digital technology, if everything is the way they are supposed to be. It takes a little more time

    but if you want the best, comply. We will listen, imagine, and do our very best always, to portrait your ideas.When

    you have heard our work in your own environment, then you can decide for yourself.


    Pig mastering is something in-between mixing and mastering. You can take premixed instrumental groups (PIG)

    like drums,guitar,bass or for example lead vocals and process them separately (EQ,Compressor…..) so you get

    the best of every instrument, without touching the others at all.


    Just TRY US! Preference: Wave or AIF and we will master it.


    All you need to do is just call!


    Tél: +49(0)174 664 6817